Falls Prevention & Dizziness Program

Have you experienced a fall or have problems with dizziness, lightheadedness or balance? The OhioHealth Falls Prevention and Dizziness Program, available at Bexley Primary Care, provides recommendations to help individuals decrease their risk of falling and improve quality of life by increasing confidence in moving around safely.

The program is designed for anyone who has a history or a fear of falls and anyone who has trouble with:

  • enjoying an active lifestyle and social activities such as eating out, shopping, traveling or keeping up with grandchildren

  • walking

  • getting in and out of car, shower or bathtub

  • going up or down stairs

  • getting up and down from chairs, sofa or bed

  • picking something up from the floor


Patients will receive a comprehensive medical evaluation by a healthcare provider and a physical therapist. This evaluation may include a review and assessment of:

  • dizziness, lightheadedness or balance

  • past medical history

  • eyes, ears, blood pressure and heart rate

  • medications

  • cognition

  • strength, balance and gait

  • functional mobility and balance

  • equilibrium

  • current use of assistive devices

  • feet and current footwear

  • home safety


Together with input from the patient and family, the provider and the physical therapist will make recommendations to help decrease the patient’s risk of falling which may include:

  • medical care including medication changes

  • assistive devices

  • home exercises and instruction

  • physical therapy for strength, balance or gait

  • effective footwear

  • home environment changes for improved safety

  • education

Q:   Will Medicare or my heathplan cover this service?

A:   The provider and physical therapy services are billable under Medicare Part B and most insurance and Medicare supplemental plans. You may be responsible for deductibles and co-payments. Financial details will be discussed with you before your assessment.

Q:   What do I need to bring to my appointment?

A:   Wear comfortable clothing and shoes for being active and bring with you:

  • all of your medication bottles including over the counter medications

  • a family member or close friend to help with administrative tasks to increase the effectiveness of your time with the clinicians

  • your current assistive device(s) used for walking

  • a copy of your insurance cards

For an appointment, call (614) 338-8833